Meet HelioScope the new standard in PV system design

HelioScope enables you to:

  • Quickly evaluate potential sites
  • Analyze design decisions
  • Simplify your workflow

"HelioScope is the future of solar design engineering and performance modeling."

Kevin West
Senior System Engineer


HelioScope is used by hundreds of leading developers and engineers

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HelioScope and You.

HelioScope can help you improve your projects at every stage: from site assessment and system design to contract negotiation.

Triage Proposals Quickly

With HelioScope, you can design an array, generating a system size and bankable energy production estimate, in just minutes. Generate proposals twice as fast as before.

Optimize System Design

Use HelioScope's design-driven approach to quickly evaluate design alternatives (including tilt, azimuth, and GCR) and find the optimal design of each array.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Because HelioScope is based in the cloud, sharing is native. With one click, you can collaborate with colleagues, sub-contractors, or manufacturers.

Why HelioScope?

Faster Design & Engineering

By integrating layout tools with a physics simulation engine, HelioScope streamlines the workflow for system engineers. The result is a 50-75% reduction in the time it takes to design and model an array.

Design Driven Approach

HelioScope's design-integrated approach models an array based on its physical design. This leads to advanced modeling of system effects, and enables powerful design and scenario analysis.

Sketchup Integration

For advanced shade calculations, import 3D obstruction models from Sketchup directly into HelioScope. Combine the power of Sketchup for 3D modeling with HelioScope’s simulation engine.

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We are a software company
with deep solar roots.

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About Us

We began developing HelioScope when we realized current solar performance models were inadequate for solving some of the most important design questions faced by the PV industry.

Our backgrounds in network optimization, data analysis, system engineering, and solar PV enable us to build software products that are both easy to use and mathematically powerful.

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Detailed Report with Production and Layout

SketchUp Shading Integration

PAN File Support

Vetted by Independent Engineers

Full PV Prospector/NSRDB Integration

One-click Project Sharing

Automatic Bill of Materials Generation