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// Research & Articles

SolarPro article on wire losses
SolarPro Article on Wire Losses
An article published in SolarPro which analyzed wiring losses, finding that standard conventions can be too conservative, particularly for high DC-to-AC ratio designs.
SolarPro article on shading losses
SolarPro Article on Shading Losses
An article published in SolarPro which analyzed shading losses from obstructions, finding that modest array shading can be economically optimal under the right conditions.

Wiring Poster
Wiring Optimization (SPI)
Results from an optimization analysis to find the lowest-cost method for DC conductor design. We found that it was possible to reduce DC conductor cost by 27% through optimization.
SolarPro article on Module Binning
SolarPro Article on Module Binning
An article published in SolarPro where the team at Folsom Labs analyzed the mismatch losses from module binning, and found that they were lower than most engineers expect.

String Inverter Yield White Paper
String Inverter Yield Benefits
A white paper analyzing the yield benefits of string-level MPPT versus central inverter MPPT. String MPPT can provide a 1-1.5% improvement in system energy yield for shaded arrays.
IEEE Abstract
IEEE Paper on Statistical Mismatch Effects
A paper selected for inclusion in the 39th IEEE PV Specialists' Conference, where we analyzed the system energy effects of statistical sources of module mismatch.
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// Bankability Documents

BEW Review
DNV GL Bankability Report
The summary report from the Technology Review conducted by DNV GL. Their team (led by Jeff Newmiller) found that HelioScope showed agreement to within 1% of other commonly used models.
Wells Fargo Support Letter
Wells Fargo Letter of Support
A letter from one of the leading financiers of solar supporting the use of HelioScope in projecting a solar plant's energy yield.
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// Product Documentation

User Manual
HelioScope User Manual
The HelioScope User Manual provides a complete summary of HelioScope's functionality.
HelioScope Datasheet
HelioScope Datasheet
A summary of the benefits of HelioScope, along with the high-level specifications of the software.

HelioScope Quick-Start Guide
Quick-Start Guide
An overview of the basic steps to get up & running with HelioScope.
SketchUp Manual
SketchUp Plugin Manual
A detailed manual for installing and using the HelioScope SketchUp plugin for modeling shading losses from obstructions near an array.
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// Application Notes

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