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"HelioScope has cut our layout time by 50-75%. The larger the job, the higher the savings in design time."

Dan Holloway
Cobalt Power Systems

"I work with HelioScope on a daily basis. I have compared the results produced on your site to the results I received from my EPC partners on commercial and utility-scale projects: HelioScope’s results are equal or better, and I can produce those results in a fraction of the time and expense."

David Dwyer
American Renewable Energy


  • Unlimited Designs
  • Automatic CAD Export
  • Bankable Energy Simulation
  • Automatic Shade Optimization
  • One-Click Sharing
  • Up to 5MW Systems
  • 45,000 Component Library
  • Global Weather Coverage
  • SketchUp Shading Integration
  • PAN File Support


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