Meet Folsom Labs
We're raising the bar for solar sales & design
Designed in HelioScope by Solar Optimum
Our Mission
Solar is the most affordable energy source on the planet, and we are accelerating its deployment by giving installers and developers tools to make designing and selling solar projects faster and easier than ever before.
Our Story
We created HelioScope to solve a very specific performance modeling problem in the solar industry. But, like many problems, we soon learned that our solution uncovered more and more questions. Why are so many solar installers using pen & paper, disparate excel files, and drafting tools that were not built for their application? And why do developers spend hours just trying to estimate how many modules will fit on a roof or how much money a project will save?
When we founded Folsom Labs in 2011 there were no purpose-built solar applications that could blend the scientific rigor required for truly bankable solar physics modeling with the technical product knowledge required to make it powerful and easy to use. We set out to create that tool.
Since then, HelioScope has been used to model projects in over 200 countries with enough designs to offset the energy of the world’s largest economies many times over. Our users range from massive multinational organizations to small family businesses and everything in between. We’re incredibly proud of our history and we’re even more excited about what’s to come.
Our Team
Our backgrounds range from former barista to former staff engineer. We hail from Ivy Leagues and schools you’ve probably never heard of. We cut our teeth at Fortune 100 companies and at scrappy start-ups. We’ve lived through layoffs1, acquisitions, and IPOs. We bring a diverse set of experiences to our work at Folsom Labs. We’re brought together by a desire to do better, to grow, and to make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives.
1. Not here!
We are growing our team! We are helping to make solar power a reality worldwide and building a clean energy future. If you’re passionate about creating a better tomorrow you’ve come to the right place.
What is Folsom Labs?
Folsom Labs is a small, agile, yet profitable, startup that develops HelioScope, a leading cloud-based sales and design tool for the solar industry. Thousands of companies around the world use our design, performance modeling, and sales software to make more efficient solar projects and grow their businesses. Check out our blog to learn more about what we do or read Our Story to learn how it all started.
Life at Folsom Labs
Competitive Pay & Benefits
We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality of life to work for a company with a meaningful mission. You’ll be offered a competitive salary, full benefits, and stock options. In addition, we encourage you to grow by providing personal and professional development benefits.
Diversity Front & Center
At Folsom Labs, we believe a sustainable culture is one rooted in fairness and respect. We listen openly and lift each other up every day to create a workplace where diverse voices thrive. By empowering people, we can power the planet.
Balance in Life & Work
From working families to new grads, we understand that life outside of work has real demands on your time. We trust you to make decisions for how you spend your time, and we will even facilitate wellness events and days off for the workaholics among us.
Meaningful Projects & Impact
When you first start at Folsom Labs, we will give you a progression of projects to help you quickly have an increasing impact on the team. As you grow, you’ll see your contributions scale and relatively minor improvements will send ripples through one of climate actions’ most important industries.
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Hear from the Team
I'm proud to work at a company that always strives to improve in all the ways that matter. From actively working on our inclusion goals to enforcing monthly wellness days off, we're building the transparent and supportive culture we all want.
Stephanie, Engineering
I continue to grow in my career thanks to the experience and excellence of my teammates. At the same time, I'm enjoying every moment on the job because of the inclusive, diverse, and fun culture we have built.
Desmond, Sales
I've worked for a ton of startups during my career, and Folsom Labs absolutely stands out in terms of walking their talk on being family-friendly, employee-focused, and having good work-life balance.
Janaki, Support
When I speak up, I know I’m being listened to. And thanks to the support of the team, I’ve been able to push past my comfort zone and stretch my capabilities further than ever before!
Emily, Engineering
With my wife’s night shifts and my son’s remote learning I’ve got plenty of scheduling challenges. Folsom Labs and the team have been super accommodating with work schedules and that really helped me and my family.
Mac, Support
I feel just as comfortable talking to a founder as I'd feel talking to a peer. There’s no pretense or ego, just a talented group of people trying to make the world better.
Presley, Support
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