About Us

We're raising the bar for solar PV system design.

// Our Story

Folsom Labs develops HelioScope, an advanced PV system design tool that integrates system layout and performance modeling to simplify the process of engineering and selling solar projects.

We founded Folsom Labs because we needed a way to evaluate the performance impact of new technologies on PV system. The only way to do that properly was through detailed component-based analysis. Once we developed the core model behind HelioScope, we realized it could solve many obstacles faced by other system designers.

HelioScope is more than just CAD-caliber layouts, robust shade and wiring loss calculations, module-level electronics modeling, SketchUp integration, and bankable physics. These features are integrated to dramatically simplify the solar design process, making it easy for anyone to generate world-class solar layouts and performance estimates.

// Our Mission

The solar industry is filled with smart system designers who have been forced to spend too much time compensating for hard-to-use design and performance modeling tools. Our mission is to provide the tools these engineers need to work faster, enabling them to deploy more projects at a lower cost.

// Our Values

  • We see the world in terms of numbers.
  • We love sifting through data, and solving hard problems with hard analysis.
  • We strive to replace some of the system design “art” with “science.”
  • We believe in full documentation, and transparency in all calculations.
  • We believe every design decision can and should be quantified in terms of its yield and financial implications.

// Our Leadership

Paul Gibbs

Paul Gibbs

Co-founder, CEO

Paul Gibbs had the idea for building HelioScope while working in distributed electronics for PV arrays. Witnessing the painful process it takes to design, develop and finance a new solar project was eye-opening, and he saw the need for a better system. New and emergent technologies only appeared to confound these problems.

His unique background spanning physics, optimization and energy has enabled him to begin building the technology platform behind HelioScope. Paul received an MBA from Harvard Business School and has degrees in Physics and Economics from the University of Chicago.

Prior to attending business school he was a founder at Nodal Exchange, where he led new product development and designed a market allowing utilities to hedge electricity transmission costs in a structure that parallels the actual physical power flows.

Paul Grana

Paul Grana

Co-founder, Sales and Marketing

Paul Grana is responsible for Sales and Marketing at Folsom Labs. His passion for data analysis began at an early age. At 13 he cracked his first code, figuring out the cheat codes for Madden ’94 (hint: they used a base-3 number system). Paul then began his career in management consulting, where he became an expert in market demand based on discrete choice analysis.

Paul later joined the solar industry, where he ran product management for Tigo Energy, the module-level electronics manufacturer. He has also authored a number of articles and white papers on system design and performance.

Paul holds an SB in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Chicago, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is an unofficial member of the quantified life movement, maintaining years of records of his sleep patterns, workouts, email inbox, and even alcohol consumption.